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Travel eBusiness Models – Expedia

Sabre and competitors Cendant and Expedia, owned by Barry Diller’s IAC/InterActiveCorp, are carving up the Internet travel industry as more people buy airline tickets and hotel rooms over the Web. A third of bookings may be made on line by 2009 compared with 23 percent in 2004, according to forecasts by JupiterMedia Corp. [Bloomberg.com] Expedia […]

In E-Business, Standing Still is Moving Backwards

For an online business that is trying to grow, the notification of adding credit card processing is no longer just a matter of choosing to get a benefit or standing pat. And the reason for this can be traced to modern consumer attitudes. There have been numerous e-retail studies that have shown that having merchant […]

What Is Emarketing and What Are The Advantages of Emarketing?

Putting an "e" in front of a specific term that reflects to a specific action has gained huge reputation. We can see many terms in use adding a prefix "e.". For instants, "e-marketing", "e-business", "e-mail", "e-learning", "e-commerce" and many more. These terms are often used nowdays. Why put an "e" as the prefix. What the […]

E-Marketing – Moving Books From Basement to Marketplace

A mistake that some independent publishers make is putting all efforts into writing and publishing their book and forgetting about marketing strategy and marketing campaigns. This leads to poorly or under-marketed books. A well rounded marketing plan can make all the difference in the successful sales of a book. It takes a variety of marketing […]

Ebusiness Security

Security is as much a social issue as a practical or technical one. Some security problems are a direct result of business hostilities. Information that is valuable to a business may also be valuable to competitors or disgruntled employees. The removal or sabotage of that information may also be valuable to a competitor. Other problems […]

E-commerce Adventures On eBay

The Internet is an unbelievable thing. Because of Web innovations, a person of any age or background can start a business with very little capital. Furthermore, online, virtually anyone can start a business without judgment. When Corey Kossack started his eBay store, he approached his first supplier with confidence. Although he was only 20 years […]

Get a Better Response with "Just in Mind" Marketing

And the Survey Said… America’s favorite color is blue. In fact, 5 out of the top 10 favorite colors are in the blue family. Demographic market research such as this is considered invaluable when planning product offerings and marketing programs. Surveys are widely used not only to determine customer satisfaction, but to drive current promotional […]

Email Marketing Basic Documentation

People often consider email marketers among the spammers. The common reason of this myth is; most of the non professional e-mail marketers target the audience which is not even familiar with their product for which they are actually sending the promotional electronic mails. To be a successful email marketer & to be the part of […]