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The Power of E-business

Writing an ebusiness plan is very challenging yet fulfilling if you are on the right track. There are lots important things one should keep in mind before preparing an ebusiness plan. But above all the secret of ebusiness begins with knowing the downsides of it at the same time avoiding those mistakes. This would not […]

The Value of Local Business

It occurred to me the other day, just how many independent businesses are now closing down in and around my local town area. Simply put, the overheads for prime locations are now just extortionate, yet at the same time of course, these companies need a decent location to attract customers. It's a difficult situation, but […]

Ringtone Marketing Anybody?

Few months ago I was traveling on a bus and I was imprisoned next to a teenage boy probably on his way back home from his tuition classes. This guy; who never looked to me like someone who's having a steady or permanent income source, was carrying a highly sophisticated mobile phone in his hand. […]

Important Considerations For Global E-Marketers to Improve Their Business

So, you have your online business that's getting global hits, but, within these markets there are many differences you should be aware of that can help ensure that you provide the most value to all your visitors that will help maximize your sales. In this post, I examine various issues that you should consider when […]

E-Business Infrastructures are Replacing the Traditional Office

e-Business Infrastructures are Replacing the Traditional Office More and more, companies understand that the traditional office is being replaced with the Internet. Searching for information no longer requires reading trade journals, newspapers, white papers or even going to the library. Now, finding information is just a point and click away. Taking into account how fast […]

Start a Swimsuit E-Business – Part 1

Selling swimsuits can be profitable. It's an apparel that connotes fun and sex appeal. Typically, they carry decent mark-ups. But that does not mean selling swimsuits on-line is easy. Nothing is easy in the crowded World Wide Web.You will need a lot of information before you make your decision. Here are the main points to […]

E-Marketing – Deciphering the Vast Option on Online Marketing Opportunities For Courier Companies

It can’t be said too often, because so few owners in the Courier Industry even still understand its gravity: The adoption of technology in the realm of marketing is our industry’s biggest trend. In a matter of a few years, the Internet has consolidated itself as a extremely powerful platform that has changed the way […]