How to Market Yourself by Marketing Others

Sometimes you may wish someone else would sell your products or services so you did not have to do it. In the mind of almost everyone, this would be absolutely ideal. In reality, only you can be as passionate and knowledgeable about your products and services. This is even true when you company grows.

There are several things that you can do to lessen the pain of trying to sell your own products and services. Here are three great ways to be more successful.

  1. Do not forget there is a difference between sales and marketing. You should first MARKET your products and services and forget about selling . You should ease into the selling phase through a good solid marketing plan that contains action steps and timelines for completion. You need to plan where you are going and as Yogi Berra states. "If you do not plan, you will end up somewhere else."
  2. 2. Find other services and products you can use as a lead in to the ones you provide. This means you need to find a product at a low entry price that will allow you to upsell to your other products and services. If you are selling weight loss products, then start with a free booklet on weight loss guidelines. Then upsell to what you have to offer. Be sure that your upsell offer is included in the guide book. For more information on how to upsell you may contact
  3. 3. Create your own channel partners (called affiliates in the eMarketing world). Get as many as possible to sell your wares. The more the better. Even if each one of them only sells one item per week, and you have 50 people, that is 50 sales per week. This takes some preparation as you need to make sure the "partners" have all the tools that need to do the sale. You also must have a communication plan in place to keep in touch. They will go away or not sell if you do not communicate with them on a regular basis. You can learn about good communication skills through

In summary: Market first, find other products that complement your current ones, and find channel partners or affiliates to sell on your behalf. Remember that good communication is the key to resellers.

Source by Bette Daoust, Ph.D.

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