Sales Funnels for Best Affiliate Programs

If the idea of setting up a new business as an Internet Marketer is appealing, then it’s important to realize that there is a minefield of information out there which can serve to mislead a novice in the early stages of their new career.

Internet marketing is easy, but only if you do it right. People get confused about online sales and mystified as to the best affiliate programs generally.

There may be a tendency to dive into the online marketing world, but stop, first of all, think about what you are trying to achieve, lay down some strong foundations and have some products ready, before you go rushing off to make your millions.

Financial recompense

Can people make money from Internet marketing? The truth of the matter is yes, but the route to the most lucrative positions may seem a long way off. If you approach it as a business, it is possible to make big money from online marketing and using the best affiliate programs out there will certainly help your potential customers to part with their cash.
Knowing what to sell is easy when you identify the niche.

Identifying the niche

If you spend a lot of time online you will know that it’s possible to find anything, even the most obscure of information or products will be available somewhere online. But there are some tried and tested niches which always seem to produce good revenue for marketers when handled sensibly, including: dating and relationships, Internet marketing and health.

Breaking down the niche

Of course these are big topics, so it makes sense to choose a niche area which you believe in and to then break it down into subcategories. You should also start searching for potential affiliate products at this point too. There is no need to rush and make a decision at this point; this is simply your background research. Take a look online look through Google and see how many people are searching for any particular set of keywords.

Enter the funnel

A funnel is the perfect sales tool which if used correctly, helps you to keep the revenue coming in. If you are new to online marketing, you may not have many products in your own name, but that’s ok. Your products may be the hook to get them to sign-up or buy, but a savvy marketer will set up a series of products that will naturally lead towards the next sale. This is where affiliate marketing comes into play.

Product Creation

Creating products takes time and although it’s good to have some of your own products because you can earn 100% revenue from them, having add-on products and utilizing some the best affiliate programs around makes sense. Whatever products you sell, they should be good. So, start thinking of creating or, choosing, a series of products ready for your funnel that will achieve the best results.

The Money is In the List

When you have a website, you need to have a list so set up a newsletter and a sign-up box and drive traffic to the site. The more people who sign up, the more chance you have of earning money from your sales funnel. Your product and sales info can be added to an auto responder so that new subscribers get the information at strategically placed times. Don’t overload them with sales hype.

Quality information

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to sell, sell, sell, your subscribers will soon get fed up of receiving a constant sales pitch. Give them important information in between for free, make it worth their while staying with you. If you have a dead list where nobody buys, then you’re just wasting your time but when you get good subscribers, they are worth their weight in gold.

What are the best affiliate programs?

There is no one right answer here. It will depend upon the niche. Let’s say you have chosen Internet marketing, you may wish to create a video tuition program helping others to learn about a specific topic. If you have no other products to sale in this line, look through the best affiliate programs available and choose one that would be a natural add-on for a greater sum of money.

Where do I get affiliate programs?

There are many places where you can sign up for affiliate programs but two of the most well-known are JVZoo and Click Bank. Sign up for either of these and then do a search in your preferred niche areas.

Ideally, look for those that may provide you with a recurring income, for example membership sites as you will receive payments for as long as they keep paying.

Recurring payments

Internet marketing is hard work. Setting up a website, sales pages, newsletters and auto responders takes time, as will product creation. Recurring payments will be a bonus as you continue to build your business, but there are many products with excellent commission rates – anything from 50% and above.

Work Remit

Invest your time wisely, do market research, find what people really want or need and then ensure that you can provide products that fit into this niche.

Developing sales pages and finding high-quality affiliate products may take a little time and a lot of hard work, but you must think of it as a business and apply business principles to it.


When you are in the process of choosing the best affiliate programs available in your niche area, you will see a variety of available commissions. But remember, that commissions, large or small will still take the same level of work to implement, so think solid products, a tightly written sales page and big commissions.

When you start out, it’s easy to get taken in by the hype but don’t succumb to the numerous empty promises that can be made.

Apply business logic and your gut feeling as to what will work, certainly if you build a good sales funnel, matched by some excellent products, you will start to earn money quite quickly but set those good foundations in place first.


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