Name:  Commission Autopilot – Review

Website: Commission Autopilot

Price: $47  per month 

Owners: Paul Ponna

Overall Rank:  35 out of 100




The Product:-                                                                               

The economy hasn’t been as friendly as it was some years back. Basically, the unemployment rate is higher. The main reason is that technology has taken over most companies, and as a result, a lot of redundancies have taken place.
Other than that, there are some jobs that basically pay less, yet the needs and wants are getting more daily.

People spend too much on transport to get to their workplaces, which is an enemy to their savings.
Though technology might have affected the jobs of some people, it has been the money maker for others.

People have exploited technology, along with the Internet, for the sake of making money in the most flexible way. Several types of software have been developed to help people make money in a versatile way.

Among the software developed is the Commission Autopilot. This is software that has been designed to help you make money right from your home.

Here is a Commission Autopilot Review, and how you can utilize it to start making money!


This is software that reveals to the user the tricks of making money via the internet. An amazing fact about it is that it is relatively cheap, and it will let you earn more money in a somewhat illegal way.

The software is basically meant to give you the real story behind making money online, without any trickery. In addition, the Commission Autopilot comes in two parts, which include the following;

1. Commission Activator

In this section, you will input a specific keyword in the search tab of the software. The software will then search for the entered keyword in Google and other top Search Engines. It will look for any article that is related to the keyword.

Once the articles are displayed, you will select one of your choices, and then insert a personalized message. And when you have entered your modified message, you will include a link, then export it.

You must ensure that you have exported the modified message with the link as a PDF file. So what happens here is that the software will grab the content of another person, and insert the affiliate link that you have chosen.

2. Commission Multiplier

Once the lifted documents have been created, you will insert them into the Commission Multiplier by adding a title and selecting a category. Afterwards, the software will spam the content in 18 downloaded sites.
Here, the software lets people find your file easily on the search results, which they will download easily. After downloading, they will access the available affiliate link, which will lead them to your product.

This software is more connected for internet marketing, which basically connects people to your product via content. And when you submit the document on the 18 sites, about two or three of them only,  will accept your document.

Once the site accepts you, you will then be banned, the reason being that you have gained unauthorized access to the site.

Is This Software Meant For You?

Basically, there is no restriction in who uses the software, but not realy for a beginer or newbie. Rather, it is meant for the more experience user to make full use of this software.

However; you must have some proficiency in Internet marketing.


  • Tutorial Videos. The software contains several videos that guide you, on how to do it and how to achieve the best.
  • There are 18 websites suggested to use with the software, which you will then send your documents too. Basically, your documents will be sent to the 18 sites, and a maximum of 3 sites will accept your document.
  • The software has a support team that will attend to you in case of any problems that you have encountered.
  • In addition, there is a FAQ section on the software’s website. 


  •  Detailed. The software comes with a number of tools that will let you perform several functions.
  •  Informative. It comes with several videos that guide you on, how to carry out all the specific processes.
  • Guaranteed Results. The software assures you of getting good results, also they offer a money back guarantee of 60 days.


Even though the product could be helping you to get to the top of the Google ranking in the shortest way, it does come with a number of drawbacks. Here are some of the disadvantages of the software;

  •  You must pay to access it. Even though the introductory video tells you that the software is free, you will need to pay for the swift access to the full software functions.
  • Charges you without your consent when you sign up! You will automatically be charged a monthly subscription of $47, without your authorization.
  • It is illegal. Yes, you might be making free cash through selling your product, but the entire process is illegal.
  • You will be banned from sites due to scamming, which could have you be banned completely from all the sites.

How Much Does It Cost:-

You will receive 3 different up sells when you buy the product, which will be billed monthly. Generally, the product will cost you $47, and you will be charged every month for it. It is not that free as the video claims!


  • There is a Support Team available to help you with your quiries. The software has a support team that will attend to you in case of any problems that you have encountered. They also have a FAQ section on the software’s website. 


Usually, the term Autopilot in Internet marketing basically means a scam, and for that, it is more of a scam, which you wouldn’t want to risk using, if you don’t want any future banning. When the video starts, you will be told about how free the software is, first lie. It is not really free, and on the contrary, you will be charged a monthly fee of $47.

This software might make you popular over a day, but it is jeopardizing another person’s content, and copyrights.
There won’t be any need of using other people’s original content to gain popularity. If you are noted by Google, you might be banned completely, which will be a waste.

When you are banned, the developer will still be enjoying his benefits, while you worry about your online presence. So the bottom line is that you should stay away from this product, because it is basically a scam.


Name:  Commission Autopilot – Review


Price: $47  per month 

Owners: Paul Ponna

Overall Rank:  35 out of 100


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