Bachelor’s Degree in Business

To excel in the modern world’s sophisticated business environment, you require a results-oriented education that extends beyond theories and conceptual understanding to practical application. American Sentinel University offers a Bachelor degree in Business that encapsulates a solid grounding in the latest business ideas and practices through a number of intense and continually updated concentrations. Students have the option of selecting the concentration that most closely matches their career goals and aspirations, providing them with an in-depth understanding of a particular subject. The diverse curriculum of this program is ideal for those who want to develop basic skills in written and oral communication, quantitative analysis and computer usage for today’s most sought-after occupations. What is more, you’ll increase your capacity to reason critically in the modern dynamic business environment.

American Sentinel University’s Bachelor degree in business entails four major options: Administration, Marketing, Management and eBusiness. The BS in Business program requires students to complete a 60-hour General Education requirement, a 15-hour Business Core Courses requirement, a 30-hour Major requirement, and a 15-hour Upper-Division Elective requirement. Students receive a transfer credit for a course or test-out counts at end of the course.

The online business degree gives students a profound understanding of the key functional areas of business including management, marketing, financial management, information technology, and international business. The courses have been designed to focus on managing the complex interactions between these functions while defining and solving real-world business problems. The Bachelor degree in business places a lot of emphasis on communications, teamwork, ethics, and the skills for managing diversity.

The course also gives much importance to the eBusiness Major option within the Bachelor of Science in Business program. It is desirable for students seeking to acquire a concentration of eBusiness knowledge within a broad base of business concepts. Students acquire insights into the Internet economy and how related technologies have altered the way companies do business. In addition to exploring new business models, students will learn how to galvanize traditional organizations to embrace and appreciate the capabilities of new technologies.

The program highlights the online consumer experience and the new demands placed on businesses to manage this experience effectively. The online eBusiness Major option thoroughly explains the ascent and relationship of Internet and modern business. Students investigate how companies are using the Internet to produce transformational change. The course also dwells upon aspects like business problems that arise when implementing Internet-based business strategies.

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