My name is Patrick Mathews;

PatrickThis is a brief career clip for this about me page, which just goes to show that Life is an ever changing event for all of us. 😛 

 I have always been very interested in the capability of computers in industry.

My first real surprise came in the mid 1970’s when attending a discussion in a factory about how to increase production, and how fast you could drive some machinery to do a given task?

Older engineers present, pulled out there slide rules, and others got out pen and paper to calculate the figures in involved.

While I took out my very new red dot displayed calculator from my inside pocket, completed the calculation in about 30 seconds and just put my calculator down on the desk in full view of all to see the answer displayed to 3 decimal places?

You could hear a pin drop, for the next few minutes as they looked at each other in astonishment…! 🙄 

Now move on a few years;

In the late 1980’s I became very interested in computers, especially in their speed of correct multiple calculations in industrial counting and batching of items. From here I went on to study more in depth workings and programming for position control of machinery carrying out repetitive operations.

Also harassing this information to display production data into spread sheets with running costs displayed in live time was a powerful motivator for any industrial entrepreneur of the day.


About Me Hard Work

Long Hours of Hard Work

Then in the late naughty’s, came the banking crisis?  😥 


Now where was my pension to come from, the bottom fell out of everything of value by 2008? 😳 


I once again looked at computers to help me out, this time I turned to the Internet marketing business. I have setup and run many websites for small business, and this has taken me along the route of specializing in marketing information products online.

I now run this successful website,”” creating and developing products for online entrepreneur’s, setting up online businesses, with many of the resources they need being available here on this site.

Simply put, the more you read and view, the more you know?

Founder and creator of this website; “



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